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  1. Hi there!

    I absolutely love SmartGit/Hg for my own open-source Projects. But why isn’t there a convenient way of syncing the fork on GitHub through SmartGit/Hg? I’d like to push a button and initiate this:

    1. Pull latest changes of the original repo down into my local fork on my PC.
    2. Push the latest changes of the original repo from my PC into my fork on GitHub.

    Could you integrate such one-click button? Or is it already there and I missed it?
    Please answer through commenting, I currently have no valid mail address. THANKS!

    1. With version 6, it’s not that difficult to do this. I assume, you have remotes for both, the main repository and your fork, in your local repository: in the Branches view, invoke Pull on your main remote, then invoke Push To on the main remote and select your fork remote.

  2. There is no such feature because you are the first who requests it. I’ve now added your request to our internal issue tracker.

  3. @syntevo, thank you for your response to this, I will try it out.
    @Thomas, huge thanks! I’d very much appreciate a one-click button for this! 😉

    To both of you: SmartGit/Hg rocks, just gotta say this. Never give up developing it!
    Feel free to visit my current security project on GitHub through clicking my name.

    Have a smooth sunday!


  4. Hi,

    How to activate / install SmartGit 6.0.5 version for non-commercial opensource environment use on Ubuntu 12.04 platform,

    Pls. suggest,


    1. Just install the “.deb” package, start SmartGit and during the Setup wizard, select the “non-commercial” option.

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