SmartCVS 7.1 beta 1

The first beta version of SmartCVS 7.1 beta 1 is available. The most new features and improves are:

  • Transactions: ability to filter by branch and/or author
  • for Windows there exists a portable bundle (e.g. for USB-stick usage)
  • Transactions: ability to show for time or tag range
  • external tools: option to use system open or edit command (requires Java 1.6)
  • external file comparators: ability to use (e.g. graphic) viewers which only can accept one file, but can be invoked two times to open two files
  • OS X: reveal in Finder
  • file filter, speed search: configurable, e.g. with smart upper case (e.g. “FB” will match “FooBar.txt”)
  • Commit dialog: ability to open change report
  • working copies with :ssh: (instead of :ext:) are working now (to be compatible with other CVS clients)
  • built-in File Compare: if binary files are compared, file size and hash code are shown
  • built-in File Compare: option to deactivate synchronized scrolling
  • built-in File Compare: optionally ignore case changes
  • Conflict Solver: ability to pass left and right title to external tool
  • Conflict Solver: shows Save toolbar button
  • tables, time columns: show today/yesterday if applicable

Download SmartCVS 7.1 beta 1

SmartGit – First Milestone

We are proud to announce the first public version of SmartGit, a client for the distributed version control system Git.

We would like to invite everyone to give this first milestone build a try and share your ideas with us.
Please do not yet expect a mature client like SmartSVN or SmartCVS, but expect SmartGit improving quickly. 🙂

Download SmartGit

Join the SmartGit community

SmartGit requires a Git installation on your system. Basic commands like initializing a new repository, cloning an existing one, staging, unstaging and committing files, fetching remote and pushing local changes, graphical log, simple branching and merging already work.

SmartGit project window on Mac OS X

SmartCVS 7.0.9

We released a new bug fix for SmartCVS 7. It contains following changes:

Fixed Bugs

  • file permissions were reset to default while switching a file to another branch
  • file compare: assertion in undo code
  • assertion opening the commit dialog
  • Log: could not change the commit message of a dead revision
  • Mac, Window menu: radio button menu items behaved like independent checkbox menu items

Other Changes

  • Mac: replaced JavaApplicationStub to be able to use Java 6 after Mac update 10.5.7

Download SmartCVS 7.0.9