SmartSVN 7 early-access

SmartSVN 7 supports the new Subversion 1.7 working copy format.

For this early access build, almost all of the official Subversion 1.7 functionality has been implemented, except of Merging and Creating patches. Most of the extended SmartSVN-functionality (like detecting moves) is not working yet.

All missing functionality will be delivered soon with the next early-access builds.

Try SmartSVN 7 early-access

For a complete list of new features, improvements and fixed bugs, refer the Change Log.

Subversion 1.7 support

Subversion 1.7 has been released on Oct, 11th and comes with a completely new Centralized Metadata Storage which promises significantly increased performance for most SVN operations.

The next major SmartSVN version 7 will provide support for SVN 1.7. We expect the first early access builds containing the to be published by the beginning of November beginning of February 2012 and having the complete feature set working by beginning of January mid of February. The final release is planned for the end of December mid/end of April.

Compatibility with OS X 10.7 (Lion)

We’ve done a quick test of our applications with Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”). In contrast with previous versions, Mac OS X 10.7 ships without Java preinstalled. But when starting a Java application (like SmartGit or SmartSVN), Java will be automatically downloaded and installed from Apple.

Summary: except of the file watcher, everything seems to work fine. We’ll keep you updated.

Update: If the SmartSVN’s services (minimal Finder integration) seems to be broken, invoke /System/Library/CoreServices/pbs in a Terminal.

Update 2: SmartGit 2.0.6 and SmartSVN 6.6.9 should work fine on OS X 10.7.