syntevo: About Us

About Us

Our mission is to create simple but effective software applications, mainly in technical domains. But the software solution to a problem is only one side of the coin; the other side is the presentation to and interaction with the user:

A major part of our work is focused on the development of slick and intuitive user interfaces. The feedback from our customers is evidence of their satisfaction and the high quality of our products.


  • 2001: Thomas Singer released the CVS client SmartCVS
  • Marc Strapetz joined short time later the SmartCVS development
  • SmartSynchronize was created to reuse the SmartCVS file compare as standalone tool
  • mid 2004: the development of the SVN client SmartSVN has been started
  • October 2005: Marc Strapetz and Thomas Singer founded the privately company "Syntevo GmbH" in Bayerisch Gmain, Germany
  • October 2006: Syntevo GmbH relocated to Ainring, Germany
  • December 2009: the Git client SmartGit was released
  • 2011: specialized SVN-support has been added to SmartGit 2.1
  • March 2012: SmartGit 3 has been released; it uses SWT as GUI library and added Mercurial support
  • June 2012: Syntevo GmbH relocated to Freilassing, Germany
  • September 2012: Syntevo GmbH sold the SVN client SmartSVN to WANdisco International Ltd.
  • October 2014: Syntevo GmbH relocated to Ainring, Germany