syntevo: Reseller Purchase Information

Purchase Information for Resellers

Because of the increasing overhead resellers are introducing on our side (compared to regular customers) we are offering reseller discounts only under following conditions:

  1. Make sure SmartGit is listed on your website, so every potential customer can find it easily
  2. Go to the SmartGit purchase page and change the options according to the end-user's needs
  3. Send us an email to including following information:
    • the link to the SmartGit listing on your website
    • a screenshot of the configured purchase page (see 2)
    • if it's about an update (renewal), attach the license file from the end-user that should be updated
  4. Then we will send you back a purchase link with up to 10% reseller discount based on our regular prices

We are only accepting orders according to our own Terms of Sale (German AGB).

Active resellers will get a Reseller-ID to simplify the purchase process for orders up to 60 licenses.

Have a Reseller-ID?

To purchase SmartGit (update) licenses with reseller discount, please

  1. Open the SmartGit purchase page
  2. Enter your reseller-ID into the Coupon Code field
  3. For update licenses, click the upgrade old SmartGit, SmartSVN or SmartCVS license link and upload the existing license file
  4. Change the options according to the end-user's needs
  5. Click Request Quote or Purchase