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This view shows 'outgoing' commits:

  • this includes all commits of the current branch which are pushable, i.e. which are not present on any other remote branch for the corresponding remote.
  • in case of a Git-Flow feature (or bugfix) branch and if the modification of pushed commits has been allowed in the Preferences, this also includes all commits of the branch, which are not present on develop (or master).

The view will include submodule commits as well.The Path column shows the relative location of the commit's repository (usually . for the currently selected repository).

To push only a subset of your local commits, select the latest commit to be pushed and invoke Push Commits.

Interactive Rebase

The Outgoing view supports certain workflows to cleanup the commits.

  • To squash adjacent commits, select them and invoke Squash Commits and provide the new commit message.
  • To reorder commits, just use drag and drop.
  • To coalesce two (not necessarily adjacent) commits with the same commit message, drag one of the commits onto the other one.
  • To change the commit message, select the commit and invoke Edit Commit Message.
  • To change the author, select the commit and invoke Edit Author.


Those operations will not work if merge commits would be affected. If the working copy is not clean, SmartGit asks whether to stash the changes and apply later. The behavior of how commit times will (or will not) be adjusted can be configured by system properties (smartgit.pushableCommits.preserveAuthorDate).


To just change the commit message of the last commit (even for a merge commit or if the working copy is not clean), invoke Local|Edit Last Commit Message.

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