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If you are encountering problems with SmartSVN's refreshing not picking up external changes, do the following:

  • While SmartSVN is running, locate the settings directory: invoke Help|About SmartSVN and check the Information page for the settings directory (Settings Path).
  • Shutdown SmartSVN (use Project|Exit and afterwards make sure that no more SmartSVN process is running).
  • In the settings directory, open (create this file if necessary) and add following line to enable the Debug menu:
  • Remove the logs directory inside the settings directory.
  • Startup SmartSVN.
  • Open the working copy for which the Refresh-problem is reproducible and wait until SmartSVN has completed the initial scan.
  • Trigger the external change.
  • Switch back to SmartSVN, wait until (a possibly) started refresh has definitely finished and make sure the changes actually have not been picked up.
  • Invoke Debug|Log File Monitor Events.
  • Shutdown SmartSVN again.
  • Compress the logs directory from the settings directory as a zip or tar/gzip archive and send this archive, as well as a short description of how to reproduce the problem, to [email protected].
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