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In SmartGit, there are several places from which you can initiate a rebase:

  • Menu and toolbar On the project main window, select Branch|Rebase HEAD to or Branch|Rebase to HEAD to open the Rebase dialog, where you can select the branch to rebase the HEAD onto, or the branch to rebase onto the HEAD, respectively. Depending on your toolbar settings, you can also open this dialog via the buttons Rebase HEAD to and Rebase to HEAD on the toolbar.
  • Branches view In the Branches view, you can right-click on a branch and select Rebase HEAD to to rebase your current HEAD onto the selected branch.
  • Log Graph On the Log graph of the Log window, you can perform a rebase by right-clicking on a commit and selecting Rebase HEAD to or Rebase to HEAD from the context-menu.
  • Log Graph In the Log graph of the Log window, you can drag and drop commits or refs and then select to rebase in the occurring dialog after the drop.