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Be sure to name the license file license in the default directory without any extension.

System properties vs. VM options

From a technical perspective, system properties  and VM options are the same thing, they are just specified in different files. System properties are specified in in the SmartGit's Settings Directory, VM options are specified in the smartgit.vmoptions file. From an administrative perspective, it's recommended to configure all system properties in the smartgit.vmoptions file and leave individual user files untouched.

Overriding Defaults

By default, the files from the defaults directory will only be copied during the initial setup of the user's SmartGit installation. In certain scenarios, it may be desirable to replace a configuration even after SmartGit has been set up for a user. For example, the Tools may be managed by the administrator and updated from time to time. User should receive these updates regardless whether their SmartGit is already set up or not. In this case, you can use the VM option smartgit.startup.settingsToReplaceFromDefaults to force overwriting (i.e. to reset) the specified files in the user's settings directory.