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These options are set once before the first fetch and shouldn't must not be changed afterwards.

In nomal mode, all these options are set to true by default except when SmartGit detects that the .gitattributes file has become too large (in that case processEols and processOtherProperties is set to false). In compatibility mode, all these options are set to false.


  • tracks specifies the remote tracked branch
  • remote specifies the remote section name with the SVN URL and SVN repository layout

Tweaking the configuration

When cloning a repository with Just initialize clone (expert mode) option, SmartGit will only create a repository stub which will be reported as incomplete. This allows you to tweak the Translation options and the Tracking Configuration by changing the .git/svn/.svngit/svngitkit.config file accordingly. After you have done so, you will have to restart the clone by pulling your repository.


Changing the configuration, either by tweaking the configuration files or even by system properties, will not only affect SmartGit's processing but also the Git repository configuration:

  • If you set processEols=false, then core.autocrlf is set to true: the idea behind this logic is that if EOLs are controlled by .gitattributes settings (processEols=true), then core.autocrlf should be false in order not to interfere with .gitattributes. If processEols=false then there will be no .gitattributes which (usually) performs CRLF-to-LF canonicalization in the repository (what usually is desirable). core.autocrlf=true has proven to be the lesser evil in this case.

NTLM authentication

If your server supports NTLM authentication and SmartGit fails to connect to your server with authentication-related errors like 401 Authorization Required, you should try to force SmartGit to use Basic authentication first by setting following system property: