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To provide the updates to your users, a central "repository" has to be set up (the term "repository" is completely unrelated to a Git repository). The repository must be accessible either over HTTP- or file-protocol and must provide endpoints for:


  • http://updateserver/smartgit/autoupdate and
  • http://updateserver/smartgit/updates
  • http://updateserver/smartgit/info

If you want to use file://-protocol instead of http://-protocol, for example, the URL for local file d:\update-server\autoupdate would be file://localhost/d:/update-server/autoupdate. The URL for a network share file \\update-server\autoupdate would be file://update-server/autoupdate.

Autoupdate file

The autoupdate file is the entry-point for the entire update procedure. It will be read by SmartGit on every invocation of the check for new version. For a reference autoupdate file, refer to our main autoupdate-file at