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  • To squash adjacent commits, select them and invoke Squash Commits and provide the new commit message.
  • To reorder commits, just use drag and drop.
  • To coalesce two (not necessarily adjacent) commits with the same commit message, drag one of the commits onto the other one.
  • To change the commit message, select the commit and invoke Edit Commit Message.
  • To change the author, select the commit and invoke Edit Author.

The number of commits displayed per category is limited, so the graph will stay neatly arranged even if there are lots of commits per category (e.g. hundreds or thousands of incoming commits). If you want to see more commits for a certain category you can expand this category by clicking the dashed area after its last commit. To expand all categories at once, you can use Show More Commits (Temporarily) from the action menu. You can permanently change the default number of displayed commits using System Properties.


The behavior of how commit times will (or will not) be adjusted can be configured by system properties (smartgit.pushableCommits.preserveAuthorDate).