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Installer with JRE
Size: 77,364,781
SHA: 4a40cb557bdaca9d739f9febf15d650e805529c3
Archive (dmg)
Size: 79,240,284
SHA: 623f2cb17fb46c67507edc8036bcff700a72db55
Archive (tar.gz)
Size: 17,705,070
SHA: d1d3f716fd8dd651a11455070d61edc0c2f976ba
Size: 70,121,699
SHA: eba32549b0c4f3ebd6f6db6dbc8d86fa38524e2a
Size: 17,702,902
SHA: 0fe66599da686ac6c525816c9cc5199a52de8538
Size: 12,607,797
SHA: 6369599467ec23ba81aa868f0c05b5fd57c7634a
The installer with JRE and the portable bundle both come with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you want to use a different JRE which is already present on your system, get the installer without JRE. The OS X bundle already contains the necessary JRE. If there is no JRE present on your system yet, use the package manager of your distribution to install Java, e.g. from OpenJDK, or download from