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Installer with JRE
Size: 54,876,393
MD5: 2eef6ed7cf84d2dbe5576253f66dfbff
Archive (dmg)
Size: 63,951,301
MD5: 405a659b106f90c9e3d439cb5260caf9
Archive (tar.gz)
Size: 21,468,513
MD5: a54a45a4124028be6b77c5a573adf5fc
Size: 60,761,022
MD5: 2dc95157e95660c7873119558c01cc2f
Size: 21,468,378
MD5: 37e4306cde7d864a3192a91acd9fe4c3
Size: 12,625,464
MD5: cf88dc18ccc161b2b652fbcb0ffe3100
The installer with JRE and the portable bundle both come with JRE 1.7. If you want to use a different JRE which is already present on your system, get the installer without JRE. The OS X bundle already contains the necessary JRE. If there is no JRE present on your system yet, use the package manager of your distribution to install Java, e.g. from OpenJDK, or download from