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Installer with JRE
Size: 78,178,876
SHA: c7b79e7ae28b9cbdecf7ee230d0753b374a3fa0f
Archive (dmg)
Size: 88,419,792
SHA: cc663d4392e31ebaf5473eb1e18f15d84fcb3b81
Archive (tar.gz)
Size: 18,622,576
SHA: e4e9aa3068adc2e9a37aca94cf5e5327670e5a2d
Size: 71,874,930
SHA: 0f0d2c993813970b8db9fb8de1e293f78e77ae4e
Size: 18,624,820
SHA: 53afe40d82dfd546b93b7dc1edf7e8a62bf4f62b
Size: 13,030,544
SHA: d22d9ed318e8022bea2c6f54c774319e6a063ac0
The installer with JRE and the portable bundle both come with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you want to use a different JRE which is already present on your system, get the installer without JRE. The OS X bundle already contains the necessary JRE. If there is no JRE present on your system yet, use the package manager of your distribution to install Java, e.g. from OpenJDK, or download from