Download SmartGit 6.5.6

WindowsWindows 8/7/XP

MacMac OS 10.7.3+


Installer with JRE
Size: 54,868,570
MD5: 3071b1634a45743e6b7ad83fa9e7c1c3
Archive (dmg)
Size: 63,995,309
MD5: 80c12539b365c41e226117313e6961b4
Archive (tar.gz)
Size: 21,465,255
MD5: 72e3c407eab62c4e6e7c8fab61550a4c
Size: 60,757,251
MD5: 7787155cd12d55e6d448f7d008151220
Size: 21,464,106
MD5: 73a6909c89e6911daa5e0bb8d9c83bab
Size: 12,621,856
MD5: aaff81b854781aacea85022a90a3e842
The installer with JRE and the portable bundle both come with JRE 1.7. If you want to use a different JRE which is already present on your system, get the installer without JRE. The OS X bundle already contains the necessary JRE. If there is no JRE present on your system yet, use the package manager of your distribution to install Java, e.g. from OpenJDK, or download from