Why use Git client SmartGit

Why You Should Use SmartGit

  • SmartGit is the right companion to grow with your personal Git experience:
    • it hides Git's complexity, so beginners can start quickly and it helps to avoid common pitfalls
    • it has fine-tuned support for common workflows, making the average Git user more productive
    • it is still powerful enough to provide desired information and functionality to Git experts
  • SmartGit is a mature Git client which is on the market since 2009 and has since been improved and fine-tuned during various releases
  • SmartGit is platform independent, it looks and feels like a native application on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and offers almost identical functionality on all of these systems.
  • SmartGit works out-of-the-box, with a built-in File Compare, Conflict Solver and SSH client
  • SmartGit integrates with GitHub (Enterprise), BitBucket, GitLab, JIRA and other services
  • SmartGit comes with great support which is directly provided by the developers
  • SmartGit is customizable to your needs in various areas