Purchase SmartGit/Hg

SmartGit/Hg licenses (79 USD per license)
upgrade from earlier version
   79 USD
 Incl. 1 year of support
instead of default 90 days support
   20 USD
 Incl. SmartSynchronize licenses
SmartGit/Hg's file compare (+ directory compare) as standalone tool
49 USD    10 USD
Order Total
(excluding VAT)
109 USD
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Volume Discounts
User Count License Price
Support period: 90 days 1 year
1 79 USD 99 USD
2-9 69 USD 85 USD
10-49 59 USD 75 USD
50+ 49 USD 59 USD
  • SmartGit/Hg is licensed per-user, not per-machine: each user can use their license on as many machines as they like.
  • Your license will be valid for an unlimited time (perpetual license), including updates to all bug-fix releases of your current version.
  • You can use any new major version which we release within 1 year after purchase. For newer versions you may opt to purchase updates for a reduced price.
  • Resellers should take a look at our special reseller information.
  • Starting with 1,000 USD volume you may order with purchase orders and pay by bank transfer. Please send your purchase order, including a confirmation of our terms of sale to our sales team.