Buttons without selected state with Breeze-theme on KDE

If you are using a recent KDE version, e.g. with openSuSE Leap 42.2, you will notice that some toolbar buttons don’t show a selected (or toggled) state.

You can fix (or work-around) it, by opening the System Settings and selecting “Application Style” in the “Appearance” section. On the tab “GNOME Application Style (GTK)” you can find the options for selecting GTK themes:

If you select, e.g. “Adwaita”, and click “Apply”, SmartGit’s toolbar buttons will show their selected (or toggled) state:

Windows 10 table control: area right beside column header is black

SmartGit, SmartSVN and SmartSynchronize show a black area right beside the last column in the header area.


It is following bug in SWT


and we don’t know of a work-around for now. We would like to encourage you to vote for this bug at bugs.eclipse.org, so it will get the necessary priority.

Update Aug-18-2015
Though the SWT team has fixed it, Microsoft also released a fix for Windows 10 which solved this problem.

SmartGit, SmartSVN, SmartSynchronize hang on OS X 10.11 beta 3

SmartGit, SmartSVN, SmartSynchronize and a lot of other Java-based (GUI) applications, e.g. Eclipse, hang on OS X 10.11 beta 3 / public beta 1 (El Capitan). They worked on previous OS X 10.11 beta versions.

It is discussed in following thread forums.developer.apple.com/thread/8776.

We will see whether Apple fixes it in a new beta version.

Update on July 27th 2015
The problem has been fixed by Apple with the release of OS X 10.11 public beta 2.

Crash on KDE

If SmartGit, SmartSVN or SmartSynchronize crashes for you on dialogs where (on other platforms) comboboxes are visible, please check whether the oxygen-gtk style is selected. It is reported to be extremely buggy and better should be replaced with either Adwaita or Clearlooks-Phenix:

  1.  Open the System Settings
    KDE: System Settings
  2. Select the Application Appearance
  3. On the GTK+ Appearance page select, e.g. Adwaita

SWT bug report

Please also check out javaclipse.blogspot.de/2015/06/mars-on-linux.html for alternative hints.

SmartSVN: missing/unversioned file pairs on OS X

We are frequently getting bug reports of “normal” files showing up as a missing/unversioned file pairs on OS X. This happens if they contain non-ASCII characters (like German Umlauts) in their names and they have been added from another platform, like Windows or Linux or directly from the Repository Browser.

Known Subversion problem

This is a known problem of Subversion: in short, Subversion stores file names “as is”. When adding a file “schön” on Windows, its name is stored in this “composed” form in the repository. When checking out the file on OS X, the filename is converted to “decomposed” form when writing to the file system, resulting in “scho¨n“. Thus, svn status will see a different file in the working copy than in the repository and hence report the missing/unversioned file pair. Further details can be found at Subversion issue #2464 and in the Subversion Wiki.


Unfortunately, it’s currently not clear whether this problem will be solved for Subversion/when the fix will be present. The only known workaround is to get rid of such special characters in the repository completely:

  • in case there are only a few files, you may use the Repository Browser to Rename the offending files, then update your working copy
  • in case there are many files affected, it will be better to check out a fresh working copy on Windows or Linux, rename all offending files in the working copy and finally commit all these renames at once

SmartSVN sold to WANdisco

We’re proud to announce that WANdisco International Ltd. has acquired our SVN client SmartSVN to broaden their SVN portfolio.

We at Syntevo have started development of SmartSVN in 2004. Starting with a small group of enthusiastic users, SmartSVN nowadays is the most important multi-platform SVN client. We are sure that WANdisco, as a leading Subversion company, will be able to leverage SmartSVN’s position in the market even higher. You can find SmartSVN now at smartsvn.com.

We want to thank our long-time friends and partners at TMate Software s.r.o. who provided the excellent technical base library SVNKit used by SmartSVN, as well as our active user base who have guided us to the direction into which SmartSVN evolved.

Who is WANdisco?

WANdisco is a leading provider of Apache Subversion based software and services for the enterprise. The company’s products include Subversion MultiSite, Subversion Access Control and Subversion Clustering.

Will this affect my purchased SmartSVN license?

No, WANdisco will continue to support Syntevo’s SmartSVN users and provide the 1 year of free updates for them.

Where should I raise issues in the future?

The best place to raise any general issues is on WANdisco’s dedicated SmartSVN forum.

More Information

More information, e.g. about what WANdisco is planning to do with SmartSVN, you can find at WANdisco’s blog