Spell-checking using other languages than US-English

SmartGit and SmartSVN by default come with a US-English dictionary. To use spell-checking for other languages, you can use, e.g. LibreOffice dictionaries. Please rename the .oxt file extension to .zip and unpack the *.aff and *.dic files into the same directory of your choice. Now you can create a new dictionary in the SmartGit or SmartSVN preferences by selecting the *.dic file.

File Compare: scroll between changes (Windows 10)

In SmartGit, SmartSVN and SmartSynchronize you can easily scroll from change to change by using the mouse wheel over the area between the left and right file content views.

On Windows 10 you need to enable a system option to make this working:

  • open Windows’ Settings
  • select Devices
  • on the Mouse page select the option Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them

Buttons without selected state with Breeze-theme on KDE

If you are using a recent KDE version, e.g. with openSuSE Leap 42.2, you will notice that some toolbar buttons don’t show a selected (or toggled) state.

You can fix (or work-around) it, by opening the System Settings and selecting “Application Style” in the “Appearance” section. On the tab “GNOME Application Style (GTK)” you can find the options for selecting GTK themes:

If you select, e.g. “Adwaita”, and click “Apply”, SmartGit’s toolbar buttons will show their selected (or toggled) state: