Positive Tweets 4

  • João Morais: #smartgit it’s getting better in each version.. just updated to the latest version and realized it now has submodules support! #nice
  • Tor Helland: New #SmartGit 4 preview from @syntevo really is a joy to use with its interactive manipulation of unpushed commits.
  • Randall DeFauw: I like SmartGit myself. Cross-platform, free for personal use, cheap for business use.
  • Steven Wu: The best #Git GUI tool for Windows by far is #SmartGit
  • Daniel Collin: On windows I found that SmartGit (yeah it supports hg) was the best front-end for hg.
  • Renaud Bédard: Oh wow, SmartGit is really really good. Goodbye TortoiseGit, you will not be missed!