Bitbucket Certificate Problem

Since Bitbucket certificates have changed, SmartGit refuses to connect (“SHA fingerprint of certificate does not match”). We will update fingerprints for version 5.0.8. In the meanwhile you may use the latest build (Help|Check for Latest Build) or your may fix it manually by adding following line to (in the SmartGit settings directory, see About dialog):


After restarting SmartGit, connection will work again.

Edit: As of February 25th, 2015, the official fingerprint as it shows up in the web browswer is E9:5D:6B:1D:28:51:AC:FF:39:93:85:87:F6:30:BE:2E:7B:D0:DA:EA.

SmartGit/Hg 6 preview

For SmartGit/Hg, our graphical Git client with SVN and Hg support, public preview builds for the upcoming version 6 are available. The most important changes are (detailed change log):

  • Completely reworked repository management
  • Background fetch and refresh
  • Distributed Code Review similar to the existing GitHub integration, but without the need of GitHub
  • Markdown support for GitHub integration and Distributed Code Review

You are welcome to give it a try!

Download the preview build