SmartSVN OpenAPI deprecated

For upcoming SmartSVN version 9, we are going to deprecate the OpenAPI. For the next major version (after release 9), the OpenAPI may be removed entirely. The functionality of all bundled plugins (e.g. the JIRA plugin) will be preserved.

Why we ask non-commercial users to run a recent SmartGit version

Non-commercial users sometimes complain about warnings and final deactivation of older SmartGit versions. Now why are we doing this?

First of all, we’d love to see everybody running the latest version of SmartGit, regardless whether commercial or non-commercial user. We are steadily improving SmartGit and only supporting (fixing bugs in) the latest release version. Hence we are confident that the latest version contains the best features and is most stable.

Commercial users get between 1 and 3 years of updates. That means they can use any major new version which we release up to 3 years after the purchase date (including all bug-fix release, even if released later). If they want to use newer versions, they have to purchase update licenses.

Non-commercial users get SmartGit free of charge. The upgrade to a new major version is as easy as a download and will become even more convenient with upcoming versions. Hence, costs are only a few minutes of time vs. gain are new features and improvements in other areas.

Our gain of having non-commercial users running the latest version is a faster spreading of new versions, resulting in better reviews and less problem reports.

Crash on KDE

If SmartGit, SmartSVN or SmartSynchronize crashes for you on dialogs where (on other platforms) comboboxes are visible, please check whether the oxygen-gtk style is selected. It is reported to be extremely buggy and better should be replaced with either Adwaita or Clearlooks-Phenix:

  1.  Open the System Settings
    KDE: System Settings
  2. Select the Application Appearance
  3. On the GTK+ Appearance page select, e.g. Adwaita

SWT bug report

Please also check out for alternative hints.