SmartSVN 14 released!

We are delighted to announce the official release of SmartSVN 14. First, we want to thank all users who have tested the preview versions and provided valuable feedback. Without you, the progress would not have been possible!

SmartSVN 14 comes with

  • SVN 1.14 LTS support,
  • rewritten syntax coloring, including new colorings for ANTLR4, CMake, Cmd, Dart, Nim, Objective-C, Shell-script, V, YAML,
  • the new Vacuum command,
  • polished dark theme,
  • preferences search,
  • and improved a other existing features.

Check out What’s New for a more detailed list of improvements in version 14.

SmartSVN is a graphical front-end for the version control systems Subversion. SmartSVN runs on 64-bit systems of Windows 7 – 10, macOS 10.13 – 10.15 (macOS 11 support is experimental) and Linux.

SmartSVN is available as free Foundation edition and as full-featured Professional edition (comparison). The licenses for the Professional edition include up to 3 years of e-mail support and up to lifetime free updates.

Download SmartSVN 14

Author: Thomas

Thomas is one of the two CEOs of syntevo. He is a passionated Java developer and likes to design clean and consistent user interfaces.