Non-commercial licensing changes for SmartGit 22.1

For SmartGit 22.1, we have changed the non-commercial licensing conditions to be more permissive overall. SmartGit is now free for:

  1. everyone who spends the majority of their work on open-source projects (before, it was only “to actively work on open-source projects”, which is significantly more restrictive)
  2. employees or students on public academic institutions (before, it was only “for learning or teaching on a public academic institution”)

On the other hand, SmartGit can’t be used for “hobby usage” anymore (see below why).

Technically enforced licensing conditions

The new licensing conditions are now enforced by requiring a non-commercial license.

We have decided to take this step, because the current proportion of non-commercial users is above 60%. For a B2B-product in the Software industry, this is in stark contrast with the overall number of Software developers compared to the number of primary open source developers and academic users 😉

What about hobby usage?

Open-source usage and academic usage can be verified easily, closed-source hobby usage can’t. For this reason, we unfortunately had to drop the hobby usage option entirely.

We strongly commit to open-source and the entire SmartGit business is built upon open-source projects itself (and contributes back to these projects frequently). Hence, if you as a hobby-user are affected by this licensing change, please consider to publish your work (why not?) – then we are happy to support you and your project, too.

SmartSVN and SmartSynchronize

We have applied the same licensing changes for SmartSVN 14.3 and SmartSynchronize 4.4. Your non-commercial license will work with these products out-of-the-box.