Linux: don’t like autohiding scrollbars?

If you are a Linux user which has problems with autohiding scrollbars that make it hard to select the last item in a table, tree or text control, you should try to set the environment variable GTK_OVERLAY_SCROLLING to 0 before launching the application. For SmartGit, open bin/ in a text editor and add the line


before the last line.

SmartGit 19.1 and non-default theme on macOS 10.14

By default, SmartGit 19.1 should follow the system light/dark theme (the Theme-option “Automatic select light/dark (recommended)” is selected). If, for whatever reason, you want to see a dark SmartGit on a light system (or visa versa) like you did in SmartGit 18.2, select the light or dark system independent theme option. Without any further changes, this will cause a couple of visual glitches because of following issues between SWT and the new used macOS API:

You can mostly work around these problems by adding following line to