Log4J vulnerability “Log4Shell”: our recent product versions are not affected

The good news: none of our recent product versions is using Log4J: SmartGit 18.1 and newer SmartSVN 9.3 and newer SmartSynchronize 3.5 and newer DeepGit 4.0 and newer However, Log4J 1.x was used by older versions of our products: SmartGit 17.1 and older SmartSVN 9.2 and older SmartSynchronize 3.4 and older DeepGit 3.0 and older … Continue reading “Log4J vulnerability “Log4Shell”: our recent product versions are not affected”

SmartGit – First Milestone

We are proud to announce the first public version of SmartGit, a client for the distributed version control system Git. We would like to invite everyone to give this first milestone build a try and share your ideas with us. Please do not yet expect a mature client like SmartSVN or SmartCVS, but expect SmartGit … Continue reading “SmartGit – First Milestone”