Author: syntevo

  • False trojan alarm for SmartSVN Windows bundles confirmed

    Starting today, AVG anti-virus scanner reports a couple of SmartSVN’s files on Windows as trojan (more details here). We have just received following email from the AVG Customer Services which confirms the false positives and gives instructions on how to deal with them: Unfortunately, the current virus database version may detect the mentioned virus on […]

  • AVG reports trojan for SmartSVN Windows bundles

    Starting today at about 2:00 pm (GMT), we are receiving now frequently reports that trojan Downloader.Banload.ANUF is found in the SmartSVN Windows bundles (installer, as well as portable bundle). People reporting this trojan are using the AVG free anti-virus scanner. [Update] AVG has just confirmed the false positives and gives instructions how to handle them.[/Update] […]

  • SmartGit – First Milestone

    We are proud to announce the first public version of SmartGit, a client for the distributed version control system Git. We would like to invite everyone to give this first milestone build a try and share your ideas with us. Please do not yet expect a mature client like SmartSVN or SmartCVS, but expect SmartGit […]

  • SmartSVN 6.0.4

    We have released a new bug-fix release for SmartSVN 6. It contains following changes: Fixed Bugs Change Report: Internal error if for a file neither working copy nor pristine copy could be accessed Directory Tree: Possible Internal error if keeping “Scanning” node selected Exit: Internal error when writing the settings on fails File Compare: Internal […]

  • SmartCVS 7.0.9

    We released a new bug fix for SmartCVS 7. It contains following changes: Fixed Bugs file permissions were reset to default while switching a file to another branch file compare: assertion in undo code assertion opening the commit dialog Log: could not change the commit message of a dead revision Mac, Window menu: radio button menu […]

  • Performance Improvements for the Revision Graph

    In contrast to other SVN clients, SmartSVN is caching log information locally in a so-called “Log Cache”. The local log information is used to display transactions as well as speeding up the Log and Revision Graph commands. Generating a Revision Graph from log information is a quite complex operation with SVN (usually the complete repository […]