SmartSVN fails to start on latest Manjaro update

If SmartSVN does not start any more on some Linux systems, e.g. Manjaro, the file ~/.config/smartsvn/14.2/logs/log.txt.0 might indicate a problem loading This could be related to a recent update of the glibc bundle where /usr/lib/ had been removed. To fix this, please find out which bundle contains this file now:

$ pacman -F

On Manjaro one has to install the libxcrypt-compat bundle.


Linux: why we recommend the tar.gz bundle?

For Linux we are offering since ever a .tar.gz bundle and since a couple of years a .deb bundle.

We recommend the .tar.gz bundle, because

  • it can be installed simply by unpacking anywhere,
  • it can autoupdate itself to any newer version, even if the installation directory needs to be updated,
  • it ships will all dependencies (except of libcurl), including Git and JRE,
  • workarounds like for outdated GTK3 versions are easier to handle
SmartGit SmartSVN SmartSynchronize

Which Linux versions are supported?

SmartGit, SmartSVN and SmartSynchronize are using SWT as a GUI library. In the Eclipse FAQ you can find the GTK versions which are supported by which SWT version.


Linux: don’t like autohiding scrollbars?

If you are a Linux user which has problems with autohiding scrollbars that make it hard to select the last item in a table, tree or text control, you should try to set the environment variable GTK_OVERLAY_SCROLLING to 0 before launching the application. For SmartGit, open bin/ in a text editor and add the line


before the last line.


SmartSVN fails to load on Fedora 30

If SmartSVN fails to load apr-1 on Fedora 30, it most likely is caused by the removal of To fix, you need to install the libxcrypt-compat bundle:
sudo yum install libxcrypt-compat


SmartGit 18.2 does not start on (some) Linux systems

If SmartGit 18.2 does not start on your Linux while SmartGit 18.1 worked fine, the reason might be that 18.1 used GTK2 and 18.2 uses GTK3. Use following instructions to let SmartGit 18.2 use GTK2, too:

  1. if the directory ~/.local/share/smartgit exists, please delete it
  2. copy lib/org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86_64.jar from the SmartGit 18.1 installation to 18.2
  3. in bin/ remove the leading # from the line
    #export SWT_GTK3=0
  4. configure SmartGit to update the installation for new builds (Preferences, page SmartGit Updates, option Update SmartGit application in-place)
  5. ensure, that the installation is up-to-date (About dialog, page Information, click the button right beside the Version input field if enabled)

The tasks 2 and 3 you will need to do after each SmartGit update.

SmartGit SmartSVN SmartSynchronize

Crash on KDE

If SmartGit, SmartSVN or SmartSynchronize crashes for you on dialogs where (on other platforms) comboboxes are visible, please check whether the oxygen-gtk style is selected. It is reported to be extremely buggy and better should be replaced with either Adwaita or Clearlooks-Phenix:

  1.  Open the System Settings
    KDE: System Settings
  2. Select the Application Appearance
  3. On the GTK+ Appearance page select, e.g. Adwaita

SWT bug report

Please also check out for alternative hints.