SmartGit 21.1 preview 1

The first public preview build for SmartGitĀ 21.1 is available.

The most important improvement are

  • rewritten Changes view with Unified view, syntax coloring even in compact mode, manual expansion of hidden lines in compact mode, apply changes in compact or unified mode, too
  • Cherry-Pick on a file selection
  • Split-Off Commit on a file selection
  • Interactive Rebase to stop at every commit, step by step or continue,
  • performance improvements

Change log

Linux: why we recommend the tar.gz bundle?

For Linux we are offering since ever a .tar.gz bundle and since a couple of years a .deb bundle.

We recommend the .tar.gz bundle, because

  • it can be installed simply by unpacking anywhere,
  • it can autoupdate itself to any newer version, even if the installation directory needs to be updated,
  • it ships will all dependencies (except of libcurl), including Git and JRE,
  • workarounds like for outdated GTK3 versions are easier to handle

SmartGit 20.2 released!

We are delighted to announce the official release of SmartGit 20.2. First, we want to thank all users who have tested the preview versions and provided valuable feedback. Without you, the progress would not have been possible!

We have taken the SmartGit user feedback seriously and implemented some of the most requested features. SmartGit 20.2 comes with

  • support for macOS Big Sur (11),
  • Subtree support,
  • improved drag and drop of refs between Graph and Branches view,
  • rewritten syntax coloring, also for new languages like ANTLR, Dart, Nim, Shell Scripts, Swift, V,
  • improved Graph filtering and navigation,
  • support for UTF-32 (e.g. emojis),
  • preferences search,
  • and improved a lot of other existing features.

Check out What’s New for a more detailed list of improvements in version 20.2.

SmartGit is a graphical front-end for the distributed version control systems Git which also can be used to work with Subversion repositories. SmartGit runs on 64-bit systems of Windows 7 – 10, macOS 10.11 – 11 (x86-64) and Linux.

SmartGit can be used free of charge for by OpenSource developers, students, teachers or certain welfare institutions. For commercial use or if support is needed, you can purchase commercial licenses starting with 59 USD/year net (55 EUR/year net).

Download SmartGit 20.2

Note: if you already have an existing installation of SmartGit and your license supports free upgrades, you will be upgraded automatically during the next couple of days.