Crash on KDE

If SmartGit, SmartSVN or SmartSynchronize crashes for you on dialogs where (on other platforms) comboboxes are visible, please check whether the oxygen-gtk style is selected. It is reported to be extremely buggy and better should be replaced with either Adwaita or Clearlooks-Phenix:

  1.  Open the System Settings
    KDE: System Settings
  2. Select the Application Appearance
  3. On the GTK+ Appearance page select, e.g. Adwaita

SWT bug report

Please also check out for alternative hints.

New Russian time-zones

If you are living in Russia and are affected by incorrectly displayed times in, e.g., SmartGit, here comes the solution.

The reason for the incorrect time-zone display is that the Java version shipped with SmartGit does not know about such new time-zone changes (see the chart for time-zone changes and Java versions).

To work-around, please edit smartgit.vmoptions, add following line (and tweak if necessary)


and restart SmartGit.