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  1. Uncompress the ZIP file contents to a temporary directory, e.g. c:\temp\debug
  2. Open a command line/terminal, cd to this directory and invoke:

    Code Block
    {jre}/bin/java -classpath . {classname} > out.txt 2> 

    Substitute {classname} by the class name we have asked you to run and {jre} by the path to SmartGit's JRE. Depending on your operating system, you will find the JRE at:

    1. Windows: <smartgit-installation>\jre

    2. Linux: <smartgit-installation>/jre

    3. MacOS: <>/Contents/Resources/jre

    Code Block
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartGit\jre\bin\java.exe" -classpath . NioFileSystemWalk c:\temp\repo true > out.txt 
  3. If there is an error printed which is not related to a wrong command line usage, also pipe stderr to a separate file:

    Code Block
    {jre}/bin/java -classpath . {classname} > out.txt 2> err.txt
  4. You may investigate both out.txt (and err.txt) yourself to figure out possible problems.
  5. Finally, send us compressed out.txt (and err.txt) to [email protected]