Why You Should Use SmartCVS

  • SmartCVS is the most powerful and intuitive CVS client available.
  • SmartCVS runs on nearly all operating systems. No need to learn different tools on each platform.
  • SmartCVS has everything out of the box, e.g. file compare and SSH client. No need for external tools.
  • The user interface, especially the project window, is designed to give you an optimal overview of your project's state:
    • by default, the most important files — including those from subdirectories — are shown on top
    • you can customize the displayed file properties and sort them according to your needs, even by multiple properties simultaneously
    • even locally unavailable files, such as deleted files or those which are new in the repository, can be shown - there is no limitation like in the Explorer shell
    • you can see at one glance which directory contains uncommitted files or which files would be changed by performing an update command
  • SmartCVS is the only CVS client which supports

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