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For licenses with a large number of users, it can be helpful to track the number of active SmartGit users over time. For this purpose, SmartGit can optionally access ("ping") a configurable URL which can be used to collect these user statistics on the server side. This requires customer-specific configuration because in different companies different means define a person (user), e.g. by a user-specific unique environment variable value. A simple implementation on the server-side would just be a virtual host logging to a separate access log file. The resulting log files can be analyzed, e.g. using grep.


By default, SmartGit will look for a "default" license file the installation default directory. You can use this system property to change the location for the default license file.


To have SmartGit take the default license from \\license-server\smartgit\license, set:



Enables the license user tracking feature and specifies the URL (template) which SmartGit will connect to on startup and once per day. The template is basically a URL for which following keywords will be replaced: