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smartgitc.exe --log C:\path\to\repository\path\to\file --anchor-commit=10de7ee0313e79c406d729f4c3e11f286df54f05

Option "--write-default-theme-file"

Use this option to create the file own.theme in the SmartGit settings directory (the exact file path is displayed) as starting base for creating a SmartGit theme. You can rename or move the file.

The file contains key=value lines, a leading # comments out the line. The most keys should be self-explaining. The value usually is a color defined as #rrggbb using hexadecimal values, but it also can be name of another key which makes it easier to create a couple of named colors instead of having to write the same #rrggbb value for different controls. inherit means to inherit the color from the parent control, default forces the control to use its default color from the operating system. You can SmartGit tell to load this file by selecting it in the preferences:

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To create a theme that uses a green background color for selection, uncomment the line


by removing the leading # and change the value to a green value:


and restart SmartGit.