SmartGit's Blame window displays the history information for a single file in a way that helps you to track down the commit in which a certain portion of code was introduced into the repository. You can open the Blame window by selecting a file in the Files view in SmartGit's main window and invoking Query|Blame from the program menu. The Blame window consists of a Document view and a History of current line view.

Document view

The Document view is divided into three parts: some controls on top, a read-only text view on the right, and an info area on the left. With the controls on top, you can do two things: specify the View Commit at which the text view will display the file contents, and set how to Highlight the lines in the text view:

The info area shows the commit meta data in a compact format for each line and consists of following columns:

More detailed information for a specific commit will be displayed in the tooltip, when hovering over the info area. The hyperlinks can be used to navigate to the specific commit.

History view

The History of current line view displays the 'history' of the currently selected line from the Document view: the 'history' consists of all detected past and future versions of the line, as it is present in the select View Commit. The position of the currently selected line from the Document view is denoted by pale borders surrounding the corresponding line in the History view.

The detection of a link between a past and a future version of a line depends on the changes which have happened in a commit:

For lines having a '~'-mark in the Document view, the History view will always show past commits.