Use this dialog to configure certain options of your repository or make these settings globally by selecting the "Remember as default" checkbox. The effective values are displayed - they can be configured for your repository (<repository>/.git/config) or globally (~/.gitconfig).

Text Encoding

Here you should configure the text encoding SmartGit should assume when viewing or editing text files, e.g. with the Compare, Index Editor or Conflict Solver.

UTF-8 with BOM, UTF-16 with BOM are detected automatically. Files with UTF-8 and without BOM are likely to be automatically detected from the content.


Configure your name and email address to identify who created the commits.


With these settings you can configure whether to delete obsolete remote branches or how to handle submodules when pulling.


Configure what should happen with submodules if you push a submodule change.


Configure the GPG program and your signing key to Sign Tags and Commits.

You need to ensure the specified GPG program is configured to use an agent that can ask you for your key's passphrase using a GUI.

Otherwise you may get a gpg error "cannot open tty `/dev/tty': Device not configured".