AVG reports trojan for SmartSVN Windows bundles

Starting today at about 2:00 pm (GMT), we are receiving now frequently reports that trojan Downloader.Banload.ANUF is found in the SmartSVN Windows bundles (installer, as well as portable bundle). People reporting this trojan are using the AVG free anti-virus scanner. [Update] AVG has just confirmed the false positives and gives instructions how to handle them.[/Update] The supposedly infected files are:

  • smartsvn.exe (MD5: 6f039e0164c72fe92195fca29eab67f5)
  • smartsvnc.exe (MD5: 5bfb7e22662c3b49bbbf9b1d1d4ac1aa)
  • iconSmartSvnExe (MD5: 6f039e0164c72fe92195fca29eab67f5)

We have checked these files with virusscan.jotti.org which tests with different virus scanners and all except AVG can’t find something suspicious. Locally, we have run Avira Antivir and NOD32 which also found the files being clean.

If you are uncertain, please use a different antivirus software to verify, too, and leave us a comment. Thanks!