4 thoughts on “SmartGit/Hg 6.0.7”

  1. Hi,
    Could you add support for GIT over HTTPS for BitBucket accounts?

    It is pain to work with SSH.

    Thank You.

    1. Please use Help|Check for Latest Build to get 6.5 build 4106 and add the line


      to smartgit.properties.

  2. Here is a new feature suggestion that would significantly improve my productivity.

    Provide an option that would enable branch-context-sensitive merge and log modes where only the currently selected branch (i.e. the one I just selected in the Branches panel) is selected in the pop-up branch selection (check-boxes) dialogs. In other words, if I click on a branch in the Branches panel then select Merge or Log, only that branch’s check-box would be selected by default in the resulting branch selection pop-up dialogs. In the case of a merge, the current Head would be checked as well.

    My problem is that when I serve as merge-meister for my software development team, I am constantly needing to view the log of a single branch, or merge a single branch into the head. I select the branch of interest in the Branches panel, but then when I select Log or Merge, I have to uncheck the check-boxes of previously selected branches I looked at before. If I have just selected a new branch to look at (not changing to be the new head, but just to view the log or to merge), why should SmartGit assume that I want to include previously selected branches in the log view or merge? If I had selected multiple branches in the branch panel, I would understand this, but I am only selecting one at a time.

    This is not only an annoying waste of time, but it can be a risk in merge operations because it is too easy to accidentally merge multiple branches (i.e. various branches I have previously selected) into the head when I only intended to merge the one branch I selected in the branches panel.

    Please consider this new feature. It would my life much easier.

    P.S. I love everything else about SmartGit. For my Ubuntu environment, it is by far the most efficient and productive GIT GUI tool I have been able to find.

    1. To merge the selected branch without going through the general Merge-dialog, invoke Merge directly from the Branches context menu. This works similar for the Log.

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