Download DeepGit 4.4

Version 4.4 (Change Log)
Download for Windows
Windows 10+ (64-bit), Installer  
Size: 23,188,846 Bytes
SHA-1: face8ad906deb6228965018358bf5e35b39b1631
Portable Bundle
Windows 10+ (64-bit), Archive (7z)  
Size: 22,931,165 Bytes
SHA-1: 90aa41f31b2fea8e0c6cc2ce6dca6bcd0d3647a0
Download for macOS
macOS 10.14 - 13, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 31,754,957 Bytes
SHA-1: d6a02228539eec303b964657d94156db5e10fdbb
Bundle for ARM64/M1
macOS 11 - 13, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 30,981,486 Bytes
SHA-1: 73b0bf845384309ec6ab9befde6dfd57dac90542
Download for Linux
Linux (64-bit, GTK 3.20+), Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 35,390,134 Bytes
SHA-1: 86e66e4a2099151de83fb3cd5c724d19624cc006
Debian Bundle (not recommended)
Linux (64-bit, GTK 3.20+), Archive (deb)  
Size: 35,363,670 Bytes
SHA-1: 684bcaf0e7ea3add99f83f2aa61d8651f791496f

Installation Instructions


  • if you have an older DeepGit version installed, exit DeepGit (use Project|Exit; there should be no more DeepGit tray icon),
  • unpack the downloaded file,
  • launch the installer and follow the instructions


  • if you have an older DeepGit version installed, quit DeepGit,
  • open the downloaded file (e.g. by double clicking it) and move the application directory structure to a directory of your choice (typically /Applications)
  • if you prefer, drag & drop the application to the dock to create an icon


  • unpack the downloaded file into a directory of your choice,
  • ensure, that the correct Java Runtime Environment is installed on your system,
  • start the application by using the launcher script from the bin directory

If the application fails to start, e.g. because you have an incompatible Java Runtime Environment version in your path or DeepGit does not find it, please create ~/.deepgit/deepgit.vmoptions and add the line (and adding the correct path):


To create an icon in your menus, invoke in the bin directory. To remove the menu item, invoke in the bin directory.

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