Distributed Reviews Add-on

SmartGit takes code reviewing to the next level: in a distributed way, based on Git. Local, offline and fast.

The Distributed Reviews add-on is part of the SmartGit download.

You can evaluate it with the normal SmartGit evaluation.
For regular use you will need to order the add-on as option when ordering a SmartGit license.

Looking for more details? Refer to the documentation

Collaboration by Pull Requests

Create a Pull Request to request another team-member (assignee) to merge your commits into a specific target branch after having reviewed them. The assignee may comment, approve (or reject) and finally integrate (merge) the pull request.

Local, offline reviewing

The Distributed Reviews metadata is stored in the Git repository itself and is pushed and pulled together with your other branches: you can work offline, apply and discard comments and finally push a tidy, consistent review.

comment feature

Markdown Support

For all kind of comments, markdown (mostly identical with GitHub's flavored markdown) can be used.

Inline comments and replies

Comments can be applied to pull requests, commits in general and individual lines of changed files. The relation between a comment and its replies is tracked and displayed threaded.

GitHub Enterprise

Server-side email notifications (optional)

If required, you can enable email notifications (for changes related to pull requests) by installing a light-weight server-side component which tracks changes to your Distributed Reviews data.

Download server-side component
Linux archive (tar.gz, also usable for other platforms) 
Size: 6,657,501 Bytes
SHA: 8B73CE44D7F72D198BF4BAE42CD5A55843AE4AA5