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What's new in SmartGit 24.1 preview 1?

Standard Window improvements

Find and edit git ignore files.

Edit Git Ignore File

This feature (which already exists in the Working Tree and Log window) helps in identifying which Git ignore file causes a file to be ignored, or to simply edit one of the multiple Git ignore files.

General improvements


Rollback-To is a new power-user command that will set the working tree or index to the state of the selected commit. It can be invoked on a commit (where it applies to all files) and on files of a commit.

This feature is very helpful for rebuilding a small feature branch where the last commit should contain all the remaining changes of the previous feature branch.

Rollback sets the working tree or index to the state of the selected commit.
Easy adding of upstream remote.

Add Upstream Remote

If you've cloned your fork of a GitHub repository without the upstream remote, you can do that easily later now just by invoking Remote | Add. The dialog will be prefilled with the upstream data.

Compare: better selection color

The selection color is now kept even if the control actually is not focused (which happened for showing a Find dialog or a context menu).

The background color of the selection is better noticable.
The controls are now correctly aligned on MacOS, too.

Fixed Control Alignment on Mac OS

On Mac OS the controls, especially labels, checkboxes and radio buttons, were vertically not aligned on the font's base line. This has been fixed now.

Download SmartGit 24.1 preview 1

Usually, SmartGit preview versions are quite reliable (we use them on a daily basis).
However - as it is the case with other previews - they may have problems. Should you encounter such a problem, please report it to the development-team.
You can safely use a preview version side-by-side with the release version.
Download for Windows
Windows 10+ (64-bit), Installer  
Size: 125,399,350 Bytes
SHA-1: 910a39f0e294e9901d4072c24fe6a0f01e6afbb1
Portable Bundle
Windows 10+ (64-bit), Archive (7z)  
Size: 106,351,415 Bytes
SHA-1: 151cee927090f8acdd94c36a5a80741c3c04aeb1
Download for macOS
macOS 10.14 - 14, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 85,123,036 Bytes
SHA-1: bea423118318e3c6be890d81769110db53f93c69
Bundle for ARM64/M1
macOS 11 - 14, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 84,320,673 Bytes
SHA-1: c769d1e9f76a59c694c4b32e7f4015d69dce51b7
Download for Linux
Linux (64-bit, GTK 3.22+), Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 110,482,822 Bytes
SHA-1: 118accbb302b3810ae2fdaa0245af2d7aff2dc5c
Debian Bundle (not recommended)
Linux (64-bit, GTK 3.22+), Archive (deb)  
Size: 54,235,054 Bytes
SHA-1: f56e40cb7da02790c7293c736d80cfbd2e117849


This preview version is a "rolling" release so it will require direct internet access to download the latest patches.

You can install and use the preview version in parallel to the release version, in this case:

  • For Windows, make sure to use the Portable bundle. The installer won't work for such a setup.
  • The preview version (except of the portable Windows bundle) will initially copy the settings from the release version, but writes them to its own settings directory. This means that settings of both versions will diverge.