Next Version Preview

This is preview software intended to provide you with an opportunity to test-drive new builds of the next SmartGit release. We do not guarantee that these builds will run without errors. You use this software at your own risk!
If you need a stable version, you are welcome and encouraged to download and use the latest release version.

Download SmartGit 20.1 preview 7

Download for Windows
Windows 7+ (64-bit), Git, Installer  
Size: 93,204,693 Bytes
SHA-1: b32522c92b51df9fcadd712427475454a8f1988d
Portable Bundle
Windows 7+ (64-bit), Git, Archive (7z)  
Size: 84,677,582 Bytes
SHA-1: f821f10be2a938d19b82422188ec1235f8aba862
Download for macOS
macOS 10.11 - 10.15 (experimental), Git, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 90,466,273 Bytes
SHA-1: ed055f3a4957db7bf0b50b769f9936ac76184a7d
Download for Linux
Linux (64-bit), Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 50,148,875 Bytes
SHA-1: ad396cf50312f9c0d69b650707ad1219535f5f47
Debian Bundle
Linux (64-bit), Archive (deb)  
Size: 50,148,824 Bytes
SHA-1: a5dbf3e2fafb89e68ffac5d07f6d8862b70c8334


This preview version is a "rolling" release so it will require direct internet access to download the latest patches.

You can install and use the preview version in parallel to the release version, in this case:

  • For Windows, make sure to use the Portable bundle. The installer won't work for such a setup.
  • The preview version (except of the portable Windows bundle) will initially copy the settings from the release version, but writes them to its own settings directory. This means that settings of both versions will diverge.

What's new in SmartGit 20.1 preview 7?

Performance, Performance, Performance

In this release we concentrate on further performance improvements, and on reducing the memory usage for large repositories.

Unified Index-Working-Tree node in the Log Graph.

Log Graph with unified Working Tree/Index Node

Until recently, there existed separate Working Tree and Index nodes in the Graph. Now they are unified to one node to be more compact and less distracting, especially if a commit is checked out that is not the top most one.

Files view: separate Working Tree and Index

A lot of new users are used to having separate lists for Working Tree and Index changes. Now you have the option to see all changes in one list or have them separated into 2 lists.

If no or all files are staged, a second empty list would be useless, so we don't show it in this case.

Optionally the files can be shown in separate lists for Working Tree and Index changes.
For the dark theme refs are now also shown dark.

Dark Theme improved

For the dark theme refs are now also shown darker.

Remove Worktree

It is now possible to remove worktrees directly without workarounds.

New remove worktree command.