Ferhat Dogru

I'm Project leader in our Universities development team for a software-development class in Germany. I've tested absolutely every Git frontend and the console. But none made our workflow so nice as SmartGit. Thanks SmartGit, we achieved our goal earlier and flawless as butter. Thank you for that great product again!

Daniel Griscom

I know I've told you all this before, but yet again I've realized how wonderful SmartGit is. I've been tweaking some C++ classes, and I always carefully review each batch of edits in the SmartGit Changes view. With my changes scattered all over this 1700-line file, I can't imagine a better way to make sure my changes are consistent and complete.

John Papa

Just purchased SmartGit. Absolutely fantastic github tool. Heads and shoulders better than any other I have used.

Using #smartgit in my new @pluralsight course. Love it so much that I bought it!, despite free version

Colin Richardson

I just like to thank you for all the features and tweaks you guys have been putting into SmartGit since we are using it.

You have made this software be able to cater for both the newbies that only need to "clone, commit and push" to the more advanced among us.

I believe this software has made working with submodules very intuitive and very easy to understand and work with on a daily basis. I see a lot of Git Guru's think submodules are the worst thing in existence. If they were to swollen their "I am a command line only nerd" pride and use SmartGit then I think they could see how good submodules can be. It has gotten to the point where we are using submodules to bridge a gap between Sound Engineers and Game Developers. They are actually sharing a submodule and they don't even know it. And there is no way I could try to explain to a Sound Engineer what the submodules of a Git repository actually is, and now I thankfully do not have to with how easy SmartGit makes it.

Daniel Neri

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to the devs of this product!

Our team of about 25 developers have been using SmartGit for about a year now - and we have rave reviews all around. I find SmartGit a perfect tool for both experienced and junior engineers.

Job well done, please keep up the good work :)

John Anderson

I would also like to say that SmartGit makes working with Git so much easier. Finally I/we can just get on with the software development rather than fumbling around with the command line. I'm very happy with SmartGit! Thanks for all your efforts.

Phil Beauvoir

I've been using Syntevo SmartGit almost every day since February 2011 to manage the Git workflow for our free, cross-platform, and open source ArchiMate Modeller tool "Archi". If it wasn't for the ease of use and cross-platform availability of SmartGit I don't think I would have made the transition from legacy SCM systems to Git. I just want to say thank-you for a fantastic product. I've tried nearly all other Git tools and SmartGit beats them all hands-down, even the in-built eGit tooling in Eclipse, and I'm an Eclipse developer!

Arialdo Martini

Let me tell you something: SmartGit is amazing. It's full of shortcuts, it displays the right information at the right time at the right detail (for example: while most HG/Git UIs show a patch-diff for a single file, SmartGit displays a 2-way diff).

What I most love about it is that it clearly separates the single commit preparation (one window) from the tree management (a separate window). This highly helps me to focus on the current task.

Thanks thanks thanks. I love it (and I'm going to promote it as much as possible).

Jacob Dall

We are very pleased with the way the software behaves. We switched to GIT little over a week ago, and your software really has made the transition smooth - GIT isn't as hard to cope with as suggested on the net, as long as you got the right tools.

Alexander Miloslavskiy

You guys absolutely do a great job! Never before have I encountered anyone so willing to make their product as good as possible. Thanks!

Hugo Ortega Hernández

First, thanks for this fantastic product. In my opinion, the best git client by far. As a developer, I'm really pleased to see software with this level of quality. I'm a command line guy and I have to say SmartGit is one of those rare exceptions in which I prefer to use a GUI frontend, not only because the great usability of the program itself, but also for the great increase on productivity. Really, you guys have a very polished software. Finally, I love the multi-platform choice, really appreciated by a linux folk who have to use OSX sometimes.

Alex Pogostin

I love your software. We've got Git running here and it's a challenge to really understand how it works. I'm always afraid that I'll do something wrong and mess things up. I've noticed many out there on the web have only one issue with Git - it's difficult to learn, which is no excuse. But your software has really made Git fun!

It's also a great learning tool that helps to make git understandable. The reporting of the Git commands at the Output window has made it helpful in learning about what's going on in Git - without messing up. And if I run into something that requires the command line, it's easy to get to from the Cygwin window you provide. Thanks.

Steve Herbert

SmartGit sets a new bar for git clients - I've shunned git clients in favor of the command line so far. Not any more.

Ram Rachum

I've been using SmartGit for the past few years, and I found it to be a highly reliable program. I use it to manage my work repositories, the repositories of my personal projects, and the repositories of open-source projects that I occasionally contribute to; all in all around 30 repositories, big and small.

The GUI is very customizable, which is important to me. Almost any Git operation that you could do with the command line interface, you can do with SmartGit. Even after working with it for years I still occasionally discover features that I haven't seen before. I've also been very pleased with the support given by Syntevo, and their frequent releases and responsiveness to user feedback.


Nearly 1 year ago, I evaluated multiple Git GUI clients and SmartGit is the one that resonated with me the most, from the beginning with the good "search for repos to open" to the various advanced features. While the UI was a little daunting for the first couple hours with all the stuff, I quickly was amazed and grew to appreciate using it with so much capability and neatly packaged (yes a few oddities here and there, but wow it was so well organized for me).

They regularly roll out incremental releases with nice feature adds. They are very user-focused: their support/responsiveness to User Echo and the email list is phenomenal; their process makes it very easy to participate.

I bought the lifetime license.

Kevin Conroy

... feedback like this is why you are the best software supplier I've come across. Your git client and your support make my job so much easier!

Jay Evans

I can't say enough how impressed I am with the support you've given, its pretty unusual in todays environment IMHO.

I use SmartGIT as my repo tool of choice for many years, and wouldn't be without it, I know we bought the licence ages ago but I think we've more than had our fair share of use out of it, it's been well worth the money.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face and I hope you get paid back sometime yourself for you efforts.

Christian Baumgartner
Cumulo Information System Security GmbH

It [SmartGit] is really a great (or honestly to say: the best) git client for all platforms. My Dev-Team is very happy with it.

Tom Philpot

As a developer I really appreciate the level of support your company supplies. SmartGit just keeps getting better and better.

Mike Reith

I have been using SmartSVN for a little over three years now. I have just started to experiment with Git (downloaded SmartGit today). Looks very interesting. Even though I'm old enough to have done many years of work with the command line, I am now too attached to a nice GUI. I probably wouldn't have looked at Git if you hadn't provided SmartGit.

Stefan Muecke

I just want to say "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" for SmartGit. This is such a nice and useful program. And it is so polished. I love it. It is much better than EGit, which fails to reach the standard set by Eclipse's CVS integration, which I used so far. When you switched from Swing to SWT, I was very sceptical with the Early Access versions. But now with the final release on SWT, I love SmartGit all the more!

Michael Jay Lippert

Just want to say I'm glad there was a free version I could try for a while as I learned git, in order to realize how useful SmartGit was.


Wow, thank you so much for your fast response. I continue to be impressed with your customer focus and support.

Steve Bryant

I have been using SmartGit 3 for quite some time and I have really liked it the whole time. It has been almost exactly what I needed. I didn't like the lack of "blame" and I really wanted to ability to go to the command prompt for a repo so that I wouldn't have to manually find my way there in the command prompt (there is always something that requires the use of command prompt). But it has been a solid and useful product the whole time that I have used it (I tried to find other products that would address those issues, but they were never as good).

I recently decided to upgrade to SmartGit 6.


This is great stuff!

It took me less than a day to get comfortable with the new structure and now I am finding all sorts of great tools, like blame and "Open in Terminal" that just make my life so much easier. I'm sure I will find more as I continue to use it.

Of course, there are still more things that could make it better. But this is such an amazing product at this point that I had to drop you guys a note to let you know how happy I am with it (not something I am often inspired to do with paid software).

Robert Garverick

You have provided a very high level of support for my team and we are very impressed. We are so glad we chose your product as our go-to GIT app.

Corbin Crutchley

Thank you all so much for the work you do. SmartGit is such an amazing utility and I refer it to everyone that I come across, both highly skilled and brand new to Git. I've tried every Git client I've heard of and nothing touches the quality, simplicity, and power of SmartGit.

Antony Cooper

@smartgithg been using the tool for a month and it's at the top of my lists for a Git Client for windows. Well done!

Денис Ионов

SmartGit has a best support I've ever seen! Nice job guys ;)

Hrusikesh Panda

The best GUI for GIT. Period.

Kjell Otto

I don't want to do big merges without SmartGit anymore. And the merges I like doing without it are getting smaller, every day.

Peter Mescalchin

SmartGit is great for visualising logs and complex branching history - the CLI doesn't really win in those instances

Steven S.

I have to admit that I've grown attached to using SmartGit. It's visually very pleasing.


#smartgit from @syntevo is the best thing since slice bread #greatstuff


Asking me? SmartGit is a king compared to other alternatives.

John Baxter

Try "SmartGit". I used it when on windows a while back and it was certainly the best Windows GIT GUI I'd used.

Jason Ziegler

I just wanted to say "Thank you!" and "Great Job" to the interface designers and software engineers who have worked on SmartGit! I've only been using SmartGit actively on a current project for about a week, and I've already been able to create a branch and then merge it back into the Head version on my very first attempt!!

This makes branching feel quite a bit easier than svn... thank you!