SmartCVS is end-of-life and not supported anymore. We recommend migrating to Git (see below).

SmartCVS for Commercial Usage

As of December 18th 2014 we have discontinued selling SmartCVS Professional or Enterprise. Though you still may continue using SmartCVS without support and free of charge, we recommend to switch to our much more powerful Git client SmartGit.

When updating from SmartCVS Professional to SmartGit, you will get up to 50% discount. Just upload your SmartCVS Professional license before ordering your SmartGit license.

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Major Advantages of (Smart)Git over (Smart)CVS

  • SmartGit as well as the open source Git command line tools (including the part required for a Git server) are very actively developed
  • SmartGit holds all repository data locally, so every operation is very quick
    • instant display of local changes (for SmartCVS even a simple file compare to see the changes made to a file require a server connection)
    • with SmartCVS creating or switching branches requires a server connection and consequently is slow
  • with (Smart)Git every commit is an entity containing all file changes and the commit message; SmartCVS had to collect this information from each and every file to find belonging revisions which is slow and error prone
  • SmartGit is more flexible (especially for commits that have not been pushed to the Git server or other Git repositories):
    • it is much easier to create clean commits, e.g. just commit certain parts of a file
    • if you forgot to commit something, you may amend commits later
    • it is possible to reorder and squash commits
    • it's much easier to try out something, e.g. merging, and discard the result if you don't like it and restart again
    • branching is very easy and quick, even temporary branches for purely local changes are no problem
  • SmartGit allows secure SSH and https connections making it easier to tunnel through a proxy