SmartCVS is end-of-life and not supported anymore. We recommend migrating to Git.

Features & Screenshots

Everything Under Control

The SmartCVS project window gives you an optimal overview of the whole project. At a glance you can see which files have been modified and for which files new revisions exist in the repository. This helps to detect potential conflicts before they occur.

You can filter the displayed files either by file state (e.g. hide unchanged files) or by file name (e.g. show only *.java files). The table sorting and column ordering can be customized to your needs. To search a file, just start typing its name.

Display of Repository-Only Files and Directories

Thanks to the Remote State feature, not only changes of your project files in the repository are shown, but also which files were added by other team members. Thus you can fetch them selectively as you like.

Remote State with remote-only files and directories
Change Sets

Change Sets

When working on a project, often different tasks need to be done at the same time, e.g., implement feature in files X, fix bug in file Y and correct typo in file Z. This causes your project to contain modified files from different tasks.

Change Sets allow you to organize these files into groups of related changes. Committing your changes in task-oriented portions makes life easier for you and your team when it comes to checking the log. You can also use the Change Report to review your changes and organize them into Change Sets.

Built-in File Compare

With SmartCVS you don't need to install an external file compare tool, because it already provides a powerful, built-in file compare. You can easily revert back individual changes or edit the files directly. Change markers let you quickly navigate to the changes.

Change Report

The Change Report combines multiple file comparisons in one window and has been optimized for easy navigation between changes in different files. It displays a set of changed files and helps you to find out what exactly has changed.

The Change Report is the perfect tool to organize your local changes in Change Sets.

Transactions Display

SmartCVS lets you easily review the last changes (transactions) of your team. You may search them by commit message or author, you can see all changed files, you can review the changes in detail, and much more.

Graphical Log

The Log window displays the revision history of a particular file.

The time-based layout makes it easy to understand the chronological order, especially for changes in different branches. You can see revision tags or compare revisions with each other.

Tag Browser

The Tag Browser does not just list all known tags and branches in the repository, it also shows the branch structure.

Of course, using SmartCVS' speed-search feature you can find tags and branches with a few keystrokes.

Annotate Display

The annotated file window displays the file content colored by different means, so you easily can see which lines are new or which person has committed them.

Repository Browser

You want to check out a sub-project from a large repository, but don't know the exact name?

No problem, just browse the repository as if it was a normal file system and select the directory you want to check out.

Repository File Listing (e.g. by Tag)

An elegant way to restore removed files is the List Repository Files feature. But you also can use it to see all files that have a certain tag or are within a certain branch.

Compare Repository Content (e.g. by Tag)

You want to see which files were changed between two different versions of your project? Nothing could be easier, thanks to the Compare Repository Files feature.