SmartCVS is end-of-life and not supported anymore. We recommend migrating to Git.

What's New in SmartCVS 7.1

SmartCVS 7.1 focuses on refinements and improved usability.

commit dialog: ability to show changes

Commit: Show Changes

While writing the commit message, it is often helpful to be able to see the local changes. If you haven't already opened a Change Report before opening the Commit dialog, you now can show the local changes from the commit dialog.

Use Viewer to Compare Files

Usually, projects do not only contain text files, but also binary files, e.g. image files. Now, while file comparison tools for specific binary formats are hard to find, file viewers for such files are usually easy to obtain.

With SmartCVS you can now set up file viewers to be used for file comparison. Of course, no automatic comparison algorithm is run, but for a lot of file types, such as image files, showing both file states on the screen at least allows humans to see the differences.

For Mac OS X the system viewer for jpg, png and gif files is used.

If no file comparator is configured for files detected as binary, at least the file lengths and SHA hash codes are shown:

use file viewers to compare them file length and hash code for different binary files
configure toolbar buttons

Configurable Toolbar

For the project window you can now configure the shown toolbar buttons.

Built-in File Compare and Conflict Solver Improvements

You can now search and replace text.

For the file compare, the synchronized scrolling for the left and right file content can be deactivated. There is a new option to ignore case changes.

search and replace
transactions configuration dialog filtered transactions


You can now limit the shown transactions to periods defined by date or tags.

The shown transactions can be filtered by branch or author.

Other User Interface Improvements

We improved SmartCVS in many more parts of the user interface, e.g. showing dates as "yesterday" or "today" where appropriate. Especially on OS X a lot of improvements have been made, e.g. addition of a Reveal in Finder feature, and unifying toolbar, message and information dialogs.