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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Licenses

Ordering additional non-subscription licenses means to update your existing licenses as well. Please upload your SmartGit license file and change the number of licenses to the overall required license count.

Company Licenses

Licenses ordered and licensed to companies can be assigned to different users once in a month. At no time may the user count exceed the number of ordered licenses. A company license only may be used on company computers.


Non-subscription licenses are valid for an unlimited time (perpetual licenses).

  • Depending on which options you purchase, you can use any new version which we release within 1 year, 2 or 3 years after purchase, including all their bug-fix releases. Later you may purchase updates for a reduced price.
  • With life-long updates you will be able to update to any SmartGit version which will ever be released as long as we are maintaining SmartGit. For example, if we will release SmartGit 11 in 10 years, you will be able to use it without having to pay for it again.


The end-user license agreement you also can find in each download bundle.

Multiple Users

SmartGit is licensed per user (person). No matter how many licenses you are ordering, you will get only one license file to be shared with the users.

Group buying is not supported.

Multiple Machines or Operating Systems

Each user can use their license on as many machines or operating systems as they prefer.

Non-Commercial Licenses

SmartGit can be used free of charge by Open Source developers, teachers and their students, or for hobby, non-paid usage. We are also supporting certain non-profit organizations like public welfare or charities. If in doubt, please contact sales.

Order Overview

To get an overview of all your Cleverbridge orders, please provide your e-mail address at this Cleverbridge form.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are only supported for orders with 50+ licenses. We are not accepting customer terms of sale and don't fill out customer forms. Our invoices have to be paid by bank-transfer. Cheques are not accepted. Please send the purchase order as PDF to sales.


To request a quote, please fill out the above options and finally click the Request Quote link.


See at "Upgrade".


If you want to order from a reseller, feel free to contact the reseller of your choice. Most likely ordering online (above) might be cheaper for you.

Resellers should provide us exact information what they want to order when contacting sales (more information).

Site Licenses

We are not offering site licenses.

Subscription Licenses

The subscription license is valid for 1 month and automatically extends monthly until you cancel the subscription or the monthly payment can't be processed.

  • The subscription license includes support and entitles you to always use the latest version.
  • You need to ensure that SmartGit can access the internet, so it automatically can download the next month's license file.

To add more licenses to your subscription, please contact sales.


Depending on the ordered license options you've got 90 days, 1, 2 or 3 years support. For support requests, please contact us at . Be sure to provide as much details as possible, so we know what you are talking about or how to reproduce the problem.


To order update licenses, please upload your SmartGit license file and change the options according to your needs.